About Lacrivera

Lacrivera, a division of Stephens Instruments, offers a complete line of innovative products for the treatment of dry eye.

Our flagship product, the VeraPlug™ FlexFit Punctal Occluder, is designed for simple sizing, easy insertion, patient comfort, and superior retention, providing a proven treatment for chronic dry eye. Vera180™ Synthetic Absorbable Lacrimal Plugs, Vera90™ Synthetic Extended Inserts, VeraC7™ Collagen Inserts, instruments, diagnostic tests and other dry eye products supply vision care professionals with the resources to effectively care for their dry eye patients.

Lacrivera is a proud member of an organization recognized as an industry leader for offering high quality product and outstanding customer service. Stephens Instruments, established in 1976 in Cynthiana, Kentucky, manufactures and distributes one of the largest selections of microsurgical instruments for ophthalmology, including both reusable and disposable surgical instruments. Stephens offers customized instrument sets for glaucoma, cataract, refractive, lacrimal and foreign body procedures. All sets may be modified to the fit the doctor’s needs.

Lacrivera is also affiliated with USIOL, a manufacturer of quality intraocular lenses worldwide. The USIOL product line includes hydrophilic, hydrophobic and PMMA lenses. Other products such as sutures (silk, nylon and PGA), viscoelastic gels and lens injectors are also available.